Accessories You May Need When Taking Photos

With the long list of accessories available now, taking photographs has become much easier and more enjoyable. If you are preparing to take photos with your camera and looking to up your game in photography, here are some important accessories you may need.


A tripod will come in handy for your Self Portraits and Long Exposures. It is in fact, one of the vital accessories you will need when taking photos. There are smaller and lightweight versions that will be great for your portable camera. For your mobile photography, select a very compact model with magnetic feet to help hold it properly on metal surfaces.

Joby Gorillapod

If you feel your tripod is too heavy to carry along for your mobile photography, a Joby Gorillapod will save the day. It takes away the burden and inconvenience of carrying a tripod. Although it can serve as a tripod, it’s tinier and lighter. It also has small curved legs that can be attached to virtually anything.

Waterproof Camera Bag

If you are going to protect your camera when shooting in an unfavorable weather condition, waterproof camera bag will be great to have. This is where you are going to put your gears to make sure your camera and other accessories are safe. A lot of photographers usually keep their gears in a backpack. But you should consider a waterproof packing bag to protect your gadgets from extreme weather conditions.

Hotshoe Spirit Bubble

This is another gadget new photographers can add to their photography arsenal. If you have suffered from uneven horizons in Nature and Landscape Photography, Hotshoe Spirit Bubble will be an important investment for you. The external spirit bubble can help you correct those horizons right in the camera. It will save you the stress of cropping your images after the photo shoot. It’s a preventive tool that will save your photos from needing a cure.

Remote shutter release

While waterproof camera bags are for protection and convenience, a remote shutter release makes your photography experience even more convenient. With this accessory, you will have complete control when the shot is taken. Moreover, you won’t be limited by self-timer settings.
The Remote shutter release will also be very helpful during time-lapse photography or long exposure photography. This will help keep the camera very stable while you take your best shot.

External charger/battery

If you move around a lot with your camera, you may need an external charger in case you see some place to topple the battery power. This is especially important for professional photographers and those who do outdoor shootings a lot. There are some affordable external batteries that can power your camera for a few hours a day. It will augment what you already have. These external batteries are very small, so it won’t be an additional load to you.

Macro Extension Tubes

Professional photographers who want nothing other than quality will love to have this accessory. This lube are placed between the camera body and the lenses to increase the distance between the camera sensor and the lens element. This ensures that your lens has macro capabilities. The tubes come with different lengths, offering different strengths of magnification. This gives you the opportunity to shoot macro photography even when your camera does not have a macro lens.

Portable 5-in-1 Reflector

It is true that lighting setups for studio and portrait photographers can be very expensive. However, portable reflector can do a very good job as well. You can use this reflector to redirect light to certain areas within the frame. Some photographers also use it as a light diffuser during sunny periods. It’s also used as a backdrop for macro-photography. You can select the 5-in-1 package to give you lots of options to change the strength and warmth of the reflected light.

External Light Source

An external light source will be helpful when shooting in low light environments. Although cameras all have a built-in flash, there are situations where you would have wanted a brighter environment. Moreover, the camera light will not be enough in certain types of the photo shoot. There are some customized light sources designed specifically for photography. These will surely enhance your photo shoot.

Photography accessories are designed to help photographers give their photos a professional touch. Some are there as a protective shield while others are there for enhancement and convenience. They all play their various roles to improve the quality of your photograph. The above are some of the important accessories you can get for your photography to enhance your overall shooting experience.