Tips To Take Photos During Rainy Days

The weather is one of the most important determinants of a good photo. Not all weather conditions will allow you to get that perfect image in the right angles. The rain, in particular, can disrupt our vision and affect the entire photo shoot. Plus there’s the risk of damaging your camera when it’s exposed to too much water. But, it there a way to go around it to make sure you enjoy your photography in the rain?

Sure there is.

Actually, cloudy weather can present an opportunity to take the best photos from your camera. Here are some tips that can guide you when taking photos during rainy days.

Get a waterproof camera bag

Waterproof camera bags protect your camera and accessories from extreme weather conditions. Your camera will be exposed during rainy times. If you are moving around with your camera, it’s important to protect all gadgets with a waterproof bag. Even if the manufacturer’s bag is not waterproof, you can get a water-resistant one in the market.

Also, always wear a raincoat and keep your camera as dry as possible. Put on a hood too. You may not find it easy when you are battling with your umbrella and the camera at the same time. When you are free with only your camera to worry about, you can position properly to shoot better.

Select a larger aperture

When you are photographing landscapes, it’s okay to use small aperture since you are dealing with large depth of field. However, this is not the case in low light conditions. You have to adjust from f/16 to f/8 to get that perfect shot. Even at this aperture, your depth of field will still be decent enough.

Use a tripod or image stabilization

During stormy weather, you are probably dealing with low light conditions. It means that you will need slower shutter speeds. This is where image stabilization comes in to help you shoot effectively even under slower shutter speeds. If you don’t have an image stabilizer, you can mount your camera on a tripod. It will work fine too.

Review all images

It is common for cameras to underexpose images during foggy conditions. In most cases during the rainy period, your camera can increase the exposure and change the original picture quality of the image. That is why it’s necessary to review all images before processing them. Check the images thoroughly and ensure that the original brightness is the same with what you have in your camera.

Make use of exposure compensation

It’s also great to use exposure compensation to correct the brightness or darkness of the photo. You can use it to decrease exposure or increase it to darken or brighten the photo. After changing the exposure, review another photo to make sure things are in proportion.

Take a picture from your car

During the rainy season, you can decide to take your photos in a hidden place. You can stay in your vehicle to take fascinating scenes. Roll your car’s window a bit down to have a clearer view of your target. Alternatively, you can take the photos through the window during a rainstorm. If you don’t feel very comfortable taking photos from the car, you can stay in any sheltered place close to you.

Do not try too hard to avoid the rain

This is one of the secrets of taking photos during rainy weather. Avoiding the rain when taking photos may lead to uninteresting and dull images. But when you capture the rain in the photo shoot, you may likely achieve more interesting and creative images.

Shoot the clouds

This is another strategy that can help you get perfect shots during the rain. Before it starts raining, you are likely going to see nice formations of rain clouds. In some cases, they can improve the appearance of an already impressive landscape. When you shoot this way, it will improve the image quality.

Try to shoot puddles

Obviously, there are puddles when it rains. The puddles generally reflect on almost everything, from buildings to taillights. When shooting under the rain, try to aim at things reflected in puddles. It will help you shoot more captivating images.


Taking photos during rainy days is not really a bad idea as some people may think. In fact, you can actually create a truly unique experience during such conditions. Just make sure you are well updated on the weather forecast, have the right protective gadgets, and map out a nice strategy. You will be good.

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