Yalda Hakim


2.15PM-3.45PM – 9 FEBRUARY 2017


In addition to her presenting duties on Impact, Yalda continues to deliver hard hitting journalism not only for the Our World strand, but also for BBC News. Her interview with Hamid Karzai, President of Afghanistan led to headlines across the globe as he accused NATO of causing ‘great suffering’, as did her interview with the Indonesian Premier discussing chemical castration to tackle paedophilia. 

Yalda has reported extensively on the rise of the so called Islamic State in Iraq. Most recently she travelled to the world’s youngest nation South Sudan which is embroiled in a brutal civil war. She reported that more than 4 million people are now on the brink of famine in the devastated country. In the last year she has also highlighted the plight of people in the secretive state of Eritrea, kidnapping by drug cartels in Mexico, and jihadism in Sweden.

Yalda was born in Afghanistan and moved to Australia in the late 1980s after her father fled Kabul with his family when the Soviet Union invaded. As well as English, Hakim speaks five other languages including Farsi, Urdu, Hindi, Pashto and Dari, and is currently learning Mandarin.